I read an article one time that said that one of the keys to leading a peaceful and happy life was to consciously make an effort to keep things to a minimum. That basically follows the old principle of less is more.

I live a very hectic life myself, so I really took that article seriously. I began looking at my own situation to which aspects of my life could be simplified or minimized. There certainly were many! So many people find it a lot easier acquiring things than getting rid of them, and it is often by choice. That is why it really is challenging for me to try to live with less. But to get a jump start, I decided I would get started with my closet. I’m sure most women would agree that their closets have years worth of hoarded clothing in them, including ones that haven’t been worn for months or even years.

To begin with, I decided I would leave my closet essentials or fashion staples. I am more of a blouse and shirt girl rather than dress woman, so I decided to make a list of my must-have tops or the shirts that I basically can’t live without:

Plain White Tees9507063393_5903c1d000_b

I suppose you could call me plain Jane or boring, but white shirts really are one of the most versatile types of clothing that have ever been made. A plain white shirt can be worm many times in the same week and be styled in various ways. There is a good chance that your peers won’t even notice that you are repeating wearing the same shirt. Another thing is that white tees are very comfortable and look very clean on everyone. When you are wearing a white shirt, you don’t never need t worry that you are over accessorized.

Striped Shirts And Blouses

Ever since Kate Middleton was seen rocking a stripe blouse that was paired with flat shoes and denims, I have been constantly looking to find a good striped tee to wear also. I was able to find the perfect ones at Milktee, which is an online shop specializing in stylish yet simple apparel. Stripe shirts are fortunately leading the top collection, so it wasn’t difficult to find one for me right away. There are other women’s blouses and tops in the Milktee collection that have easily made it onto my fashion staple list.


Another thing that is really great about stripe shirts is that they are attractive without being flashy like other prints such as geometric and florals. They fit in just about any season, whereas floral prints are much more restricted to specific trends. My Milktee stripe tees have almost been overused from my closet. However, although we have been discussing going minimalist, I am still going to three of my most favorite stripe tees for my closet.

Button-Down Shirts

For working women who aren’t especially fond of corporate dresses and tailored suits, a button down shirt can definitely be your best friend. It has a formal enough appearance so that you can wear it to the office, but it can be a casual piece as well for running some quick errands even when you aren’t working. You can pair the shirt with a A-type skirt to power it up, or dress it down with sneakers and denim pants. It’s very important that the button downs you choose are made out of good fabric and that they are comfortable, no matter what type of weather it is.

Cover Ups

I made another Milktee discovery. In addition to having comfortable and affordable Milktee shirts, the company also offers great cover ups that pair well with their tops. The cover ups are very reliable pieces of clothing if you would like to create various styles for your casual outfits. For example, you can easily power-up a pants and white shirt outfit with a cardigan blazer. It is also more comfortable to wear than an actual blazer. Currently my cover up staples include a black cardigan blazer, denim jacket and bright red cardigan. Highly function and nothing fancy at all.

Fashion staples are just those favorite items of clothing that you can wear in many different ways. They always will deserve their own space inside of our closets. Feel free to visit http://www.milktee.nu and their Facebook Page for the latest trends.