A wedding is such a big event for any woman. Most girls know what they want to were and look like in their dream wedding right from a very young age. The problem is when finally the big question is popped, things twist dramatically. You have a certain amount of time to piece together everything you wanted for your dream wedding and then suddenly you realize all you have ever pictured was the gown and the colors. You missed out on the tiny bits such as flowers, center pieces, you missed out on basic details that are actually very important. The bouquet is a very important aspect of wedding and you do not really want to imagine a wedding without flowers.

hand bouquetObviously, you may have your favorite flower in mind be it roses or lilies or any other. It may be something simple to quickly point out you want it to match with the theme colors and so on but again come to think of it is that really the wisest decision. Hand bouquets are specifically very important. They are like an accessory to the brides look and at one point you will be tossing it to the singles. So what does it take to get the right bouquet? Is it just a matter of your favorite flower in the theme color? If you are approaching your big day, then you may have realized on approaching your florist that it is not that simple or it could also be quite simple. According to FlowerChimp, Here are some of the biggest mistakes most brides to be make when selecting a hand bouquet for their big day;
wedding flowers

Not trusting the florist and being unwilling to compromise.

Most brides tend to want to be part of every bit of their wedding arrangement to the last bit which is very natural and expected but then again, there is a way to be part of every bit and there is  a wrong way of doing it. For instance, if you go to your florist and give them details of what you want, then it is only proper to trust that they will deliver owing to their long years of experience. You may be in love with orchids but when your florists gives you a different idea. Always be flexible and willing to see their point. Do not dictate through the entire decision because at the end of the day, the joke will be on you.

Ruling out certain flowers based on prices

Some flowers may be costly but worth it. For example a cattleya orchid may have more impact as compare to a whole bunch of roses. So never think price when thinking bouquets, think, how pretty?white hand bouquet

Failing to communicate with the florist.
The florist would definitely ask you as much as they can; theme colors, favorite flowers, reception appearance and so on. The florist would want to simple get an idea of how he or she can organize pieces to make them look exquisite. If there are things you like and you fail to bring them up, it would not be their fault if it does not come out as you wanted it. Always remember to focus on both sides, what you want and what you do not want.

Choosing an oversized bouquet.

Well, you have your dream dress in mind, you go to the best tailor in the world and designers and it is custom made for you only for you to pick the largest bouquet of flowers to compete with it. Picking a large bouquet does not make your bouquet stand out. Just have a well sized bouquet and it would work for the best.