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Top Must-Haves For Your Closet

I read an article one time that said that one of the keys to leading a peaceful and happy life was to consciously make an effort to keep things to a minimum. That basically follows the old principle of less is more.

I live a very hectic life myself, so I really took that article seriously. I began looking at my own situation to which aspects of my life could be simplified or minimized. There certainly were many! So many people find it a lot easier acquiring things than getting rid of them, and it is often by choice. That is why it really is challenging for me to try to live with less. But to get a jump start, I decided I would get started with my closet. I’m sure most women would agree that their closets have years worth of hoarded clothing in them, including ones that haven’t been worn for months or even years.

To begin with, I decided I would leave my closet essentials or fashion staples. I am more of a blouse and shirt girl rather than dress woman, so I decided to make a list of my must-have tops or the shirts that I basically can’t live without:

Plain White Tees9507063393_5903c1d000_b

I suppose you could call me plain Jane or boring, but white shirts really are one of the most versatile types of clothing that have ever been made. A plain white shirt can be worm many times in the same week and be styled in various ways. There is a good chance that your peers won’t even notice that you are repeating wearing the same shirt. Another thing is that white tees are very comfortable and look very clean on everyone. When you are wearing a white shirt, you don’t never need t worry that you are over accessorized.

Striped Shirts And Blouses

Ever since Kate Middleton was seen rocking a stripe blouse that was paired with flat shoes and denims, I have been constantly looking to find a good striped tee to wear also. I was able to find the perfect ones at Milktee, which is an online shop specializing in stylish yet simple apparel. Stripe shirts are fortunately leading the top collection, so it wasn’t difficult to find one for me right away. There are other women’s blouses and tops in the Milktee collection that have easily made it onto my fashion staple list.


Another thing that is really great about stripe shirts is that they are attractive without being flashy like other prints such as geometric and florals. They fit in just about any season, whereas floral prints are much more restricted to specific trends. My Milktee stripe tees have almost been overused from my closet. However, although we have been discussing going minimalist, I am still going to three of my most favorite stripe tees for my closet.

Button-Down Shirts

For working women who aren’t especially fond of corporate dresses and tailored suits, a button down shirt can definitely be your best friend. It has a formal enough appearance so that you can wear it to the office, but it can be a casual piece as well for running some quick errands even when you aren’t working. You can pair the shirt with a A-type skirt to power it up, or dress it down with sneakers and denim pants. It’s very important that the button downs you choose are made out of good fabric and that they are comfortable, no matter what type of weather it is.

Cover Ups

I made another Milktee discovery. In addition to having comfortable and affordable Milktee shirts, the company also offers great cover ups that pair well with their tops. The cover ups are very reliable pieces of clothing if you would like to create various styles for your casual outfits. For example, you can easily power-up a pants and white shirt outfit with a cardigan blazer. It is also more comfortable to wear than an actual blazer. Currently my cover up staples include a black cardigan blazer, denim jacket and bright red cardigan. Highly function and nothing fancy at all.

Fashion staples are just those favorite items of clothing that you can wear in many different ways. They always will deserve their own space inside of our closets. Feel free to visit http://www.milktee.nu and their Facebook Page for the latest trends.

How To Buy A Leather Briefcase For Men

When it comes to success and professionalism, the ultimate symbol is a leather briefcase. Briefcases are both functional and stylish and the right one will work for a variety of purposes including important business documents. Many things should be taken under consideration when you shop for a leather briefcase for men such as:

1. The size of the bag varies. You should select the size of your bag based upon what you want to carry around in it. Laptop computers and documents are easily held by most briefcases that are standard sized. Choose a bag that is larger to better fit your work if you handle papers that are outsized such as blueprints when you require them for your job. However, a standard size does work well for most people.

2. Select your bag for durability. Your briefcase should not only be attractive, it should also be durable and able to stand up to wear and tear. In general, bags made of leather stand up to daily use and remain looking good. However, there is more than just the material to be considered. The way the bag is constructed will make a difference. Look for high quality leather in the corners, latches, and seams. You will get more out of the investment you have made in your bag when it is made to last for a long time.

3. The bag should have classic style. There are traditional and modern briefcases available. When you look for a bag, think of the types of clothing that you have in your wardrobe. A classic bag works best if you have a tendency to wear clothing that is more traditional. However, if you are a risk taker in terms of fashion, look for a briefcase that is more cutting edge to be sure that it will match your overall look.

4. Choose your color well. In general, a neutral briefcase color such as tan, brown, navy, gray, or black is a better idea. The bag will be a better match for most of the clothes you wear when you have one in a neutral color. That way, you will not have to worry about your outfit and briefcase clashing with each other, no matter what you are wearing on a given day.

5. The briefcase should meet many functions. The main reason to purchase a briefcase is to be able to carry your things with you inside a handy case. That’s why functionality is the final and most important consideration. You need places to store your cables for charging your devices as well as pockets for your tablet or laptop. In order to keep people from accessing your documents, consider a briefcase that has a way to lock up the case for more privacy. In addition, consider one that has a strap to easily carry your briefcase over the shoulder. The ability to this is vital if you tend to walk a lot during your work day or will commuting. In addition to these functions, think about other features that you think would make a briefcase work better for you.

Start shopping for your briefcase only after you have considered which features you need and the style you prefer. You will increase your chances of finding one that is perfect for your needs.

Is It A Good Idea To Buy Bitcoin?

Saving money is only the first step to becoming financially independent. It is good to save money, but if you let it sit in the bank, it’s not going to bring you any additional revenue, as interest rates are extremely low and even negative in most cases. This is why you have to think about investing in something in order to secure your savings on long term.

One of the most trendy ideas today is to purchase bitcoin. This virtual currency has some advantages that could make it very enticing for investors. On the other hand, nobody knows how it is going to evolve, so betting on it can be quite risky. If you think about investing some of your savings into it, you should inform yourself very well about its advantages and drawbacks.

Bitcoin is very new, but at a first glance it’s going to revolutionize the way we think about money. It doesn’t depend on any central bank, thus being independent from foreign exchange currencies fluctuations. Additionally, it isn’t subject to inflation, because there’s only going to be a limited amount of bitcoin in circulation ever. When this number is going to be reached, the value of bitcoin can only go up. This is what happens with things that are limited in number. The more the demand is going to increase, in the conditions of a constant offering, the price is going to go up. This makes bitcoin an excellent investment on long term.

Those who think about buying bitcoin for using it to pay for various goods and services may need to wait a little longer until merchants are going to accept this form of payment. For now, there are already many shops and online businesses that accept bitcoin, but most merchants are still reluctant when it comes to a virtual and volatile currency like this. Besides, transactions can’t be reversed, so it isn’t possible to cancel a purchase and get your money back into your wallet.

There’s another thing you should know if you want to buy bitcoin: you need to have a wallet, which is similar to a back account, but a little more volatile. You can choose to have it installed on a mobile device or a computer of your choice or to have it hosted online, on a certain website. The biggest problem with installed apps is that once you’ve lost your data or your phone, you won’t be able to retrieve your bitcoin, so everything you have is going to be lost for good. This is why you need to always have some backups and store them on a different device, just in case you need them to restore your wallet.

As a conclusion, investing in bitcoin can be a good idea. However, you should be careful not to put all your eggs in the same basket, so try to diversify your portfolio of investments. This is how you can spread the risk of losing all your money over night.

Finding The Ideal Formal Dress Without Spending Too Much Money

ideal formal dress

Do you have to attend an event where it will be necessary for you to wear a formal dress? While you may be very excited about going to the event, you are probably worried about how much money you will have to invest in order to get a new dress that will impress everyone who looks your way.

Luckily, there are many inexpensive formal dresses available on the Internet. Even though the prices will be much lower than usual, they will still be quite attractive and made with all of the finest materials. Here are some tips from www.dressific.com

Before purchasing the most inexpensive dress that you come across, you should think really hard about the style you are most interested in. Do you want a dress that will totally cover your legs, or are you interested in a short dress that has a modern feel to it? It should all depend on which one will flatter your body type the most. While length is important, there are other factors that need to be considered as well.

formal dress

Are you interested in a strapless dress that will accentuate an attractive necklace. If a strapless dress is really not your thing, a v-neck, one-shoulder or a-line dress may be a better choice. The style that you decide to get should depend on how much you want to be covered up while you are attending the event.

After you have deciding on a length and neckline type, you should begin considering different styles and colors. There are inexpensive, formal dresses out there in all shades, including dark reds, bright yellows and neutral shades like white and black. Is there a particular color you think looks great on you? If there is, you should choose a dress in that shade.

All dresses out there are no solid colors. There are many dresses that are a mix of colors. Many prints and designs are actually quite beautiful. You can even find options that have lace on them. While you are looking through all of the available options, there may be a number of them that interest you.

If your goal is to stand out, it may be best for you to consider a bold print and/or bright colors. On the other hand, solid colors are a good choice for people who want to keep it simple. After looking at many of the dresses that are available, you should be able to find one that is just perfect for the event you are planning to attend. Before you go on the Web to select a dress, you should take your measurements.

You must do this to ensure that the dress you buy will fit your body perfectly. The best way to figure out your size would bet to get a tape measure and wrap it around your hips, bust and waist. After you figure out the correct size, you have to check and see if the dress you want is available. If so, you need to order it right away so you can get it before the date of the event.

How to Find a Formal Dress

Once you have the dress on, you will look stunning. Everyone who sees you will have no idea that you got the dress at a low price. In fact, most people will assume that it costs far more since they will not know that you got it online.

If you are heading to an event and you are in need of a formal dress for the occasion, you should look at affordable options online. This is better than paying a bundle for something that you will only wear once or twice. Check out more about good options here.

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Wholesale Korean Fashion In Malaysia

wholesale fashion clothes

If you are an individual who claims to hate beautiful clothes at some very pocket-friendly prices, you are definitely a snob and a liar. With the current state of economy, a smart woman is aware of the need to stop spending on designer clothing and go for cheaper options that still give a decent and attractive look. This is particularly true if you are a lady who works in a place where uniform is not required. Therefore, not unless you are a lady who doesn’t mind rotating four designer outfit combination for an entire year or a trust fund baby, then you definitely need affordable clothing.

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Malaysia’s Korean Fashion Wholesale

Koreans are well-known for their stylish, bold and slightly eccentric clothing choices. If you do not reside in a cave, you must know at least one Hallyu star whom you want to dress like. Therefore, if you have one Korean fashion idol, you will be pleased to copy her look slightly mostly because there are numerous Korean fashion stores online. It is important to note that purchasing in wholesale helps alot because of the bigger discounts acquired. Read on further from Esgesee Vogue wholesale clothing supplier in Malaysia.

While Koreans pick their desired fabrics and design their own clothing, they look elsewhere when it comes to production. The prefer Malaysia as their preferred option to outsource. It is for this reason that you might want to shop for Korean clothing on a Malaysian online store since Malaysia is the source of most of Korean’s amazing products.

Venture Into Some Retail Therapy

Retail therapy is something that a great number of women understand. After a tedious week, a good number of us want to console ourselves with a piece of new clothing. However, the absence of local affordable options leaves us with no option other than shop online where there are limitless options. Bearing that in mind, Malaysian stores selling Korean clothing offer discounts that you cannot resist. We can also say that we like the manner in which their prices are affordable. This makes every page abound with endless possibilities.

shop safely

Shop Safely

Prior to making your first purchase with any store, it is important to ascertain that they are a legitimate company. You can check this by searching and reading customer feedback, most preferably those on other websites since companies can easily hire people to leave positive reviews on their website. It is also advisable to join forums that give you the chance to interact with other customers.

If you are in a mood and willing to spice and spruce up your fading wardrobe options, you should appreciate the fact that Korean fashion is present in Malaysia. You don’t have to scrimp and save all your funds to purchase designer pieces which tear and wear just like regular clothes. In Korean fashion stores, you can get to enjoy an array of choices for a fraction of what you would have paid for a sophisticated item.

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